Apple cider vinegar has strong properties which can ease your everyday, help you treat several health issues and it has been also used for millennia. So after knowing this, instead being exposed to detrimental chemicals and toxins, you should spend a small treasure and invest in apple cider vinegar, and use it in the following ways:

Ø Healthcare

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits. For instance:

  1. Detoxify your body

Apple cider vinegar can be an antioxidant, and in this way improves the removal of free radicals and toxins from the body. Therefore, its use in the morning will be a perfect kick-start for your detox regimen.


  1. Help with digestion

Apple cider vinegar is also helpful against digestive issues, so you should use it whenever you intend to consume heavy meals.  All you need is to dilute it in some juice or water and help your digestive system.  It is also beneficial in a way that has potent antibacterial and antibiotic properties, and it contains pectin, which is great in the case of intestinal spasms.


  1. Reduces serum blood glucose

A study done on lab rats discovered that the apple cider vinegar greatly affects the lipid profile, and the use of it for a month led to a significant increase in the HbA1C levels in rats with diabetes. The Apple cider vinegar effectively reduces triglycerides, LDL, and ADL, which is excellent for the prevention of diabetes

  • What is an HbA1C?

HbA1C is a test which shows the levels of plasma glucose levels over a certain period, and it is used to diagnose diabetes in a more reliable way than with regular blood sugar tests. Researchers discovered that it is possible that apple cider vinegar can prevent diabetes, by providing a healthy decrease in blood glucose.


  1. Lower cholesterol

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that in lab rats, apple cider vinegar lowers cholesterol levels and triglycerides. What is more, rats also received high-cholesterol foods during the research.


  1. Weight loss

A recent study discovered that the acetic acid in it stops or prevents the fat accumulation.  Namely, apple cider vinegar provides a feeling of fullness, so it is perfect in the case of obesity. All you need to do is to add some apple cider vinegar to your water, juice, or greens, and consume it more often.


  1. Clear sinuses

Apple cider vinegar is useful in a way that clears the sinuses and breaks up mucus, and it has strong antibacterial properties which prevent colds and infections. You should add a bit in a glass of water and drink small sips to ease breathing.


  1. Boost energy after exercising

Furthermore, apple cider vinegar also contains amino acids, which hinder the effects of the lactic acid present in the body after exercising. So, in order to relieve and prevent muscle pain, have some vinegar before going to the gym.


  1. Relieve a sore throat

If you want to relieve and heal a sore throat, gargle warm vinegar is the best solution for you. You should mix equal parts of vinegar and water, and repeat the procedure few times per day. This will definitely relieve all the symptoms and treat the inflammation.

  1. Remove warts

You need to soak a cotton pan in vinegar, then apply it on the wart. Repeat this procedure several times until it is completely gone.


  1. Relieve itchiness and treat sunburns

Add some apple cider vinegar on the affected areas and you will experience an instant relief. You can do the same in the case of a jellyfish sting, insect bites, or poison ivy rashes. In the case of sunburns, just add a cup of vinegar to your tub, then soak in it to alleviate the discomfort and pain.


Ø Beauty / Hygiene


  1. Whiten your teeth

If you want to have the white smile you always dreamed of, you should swish some apple cider vinegar in the mouth, and brush the teeth as usually afterward. Moreover, you should mix one part of apple cider vinegar and two parts of water in order to prepare the solution. As a result, you will also enjoy the antibacterial properties of vinegar.


  1. Fade bruises

To reduce discoloration, you should apply some vinegar on the bruises and bumps.


  1. Shiny, flake-free hair

The best hair rinse you can use is Apple cider vinegar, and it will leave your hair silky and shiny. Namely, its acids eliminate residue from the products you use and thus balance the pH levels on the scalp.


First mix 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and 4 cups of water, and use the mixture to rinse the hair after shampooing. Afterwards, rinse with cold water once again. In case you have dandruff, mix equal parts of vinegar and water and spray the scalp with an apple cider vinegar solution twice a week. Wrap the hair in a towel, leave it thus to act for 1 hour, and rinse off.


  1. Treats smelly feet

Vinegar treats bad scent, regardless of its cause. In the case of smelly feet, you should soak a towel in some vinegar and wipe them with it. This will eliminate bad smells, balance pH and remove dangerous bacteria.


  1. Facial toner / Cleanser

Facial toner has antibacterial properties so it is an excellent cleanser,  which prevents breakouts, and balances pH values. You should dilute it with water, and apply it on a cotton ball. This will tone and cleanse your face and treat blemishes.


  1. Get rid of bad breath

Vinegar can be also used as a mouthwash, and it will destroy bacteria in the oral cavity and prevent from having a bad breath.


  1. Deodorant

Conventional deodorants are filled with dangerous and harmful chemicals. That’s why vinegar can be used as a healthy alternative, destroying unpleasant odors and bacteria. Use it to wipe the armpits, and its scent will evaporate as soon as vinegar dries.


Ø Food and cooking

Adding the apple cider vinegar to your regular diet will be beneficial to your overall health:


  1. Baking

When you add it to baked goods  it will fluff them up, and the scent will not be felt afterward.


  1. Salads

Apple cider vinegar is most often used in salads and is especially delicious and tasty when combined with olive oil.


  1. Juice

The pure apple cider vinegar may damage your teeth and throat, so you should dilute it in some water before use, and add it to your juices. This will provide benefits and enriched flavor to drinks.


  1. Soups

You can add some vinegar to soups for a tangy hint.


  1. Sauces

By adding some vinegar to the barbecue sauce you will enrich the flavor, as well as your marinades. You can also add it into the thick condiments.


Ø Household uses

Vinegar is known for its incredibly effective non-toxic substitute for the commercial cleaning products and weed killers.


  1. Eliminate odors

The apple cider vinegar can effectively remove odors, so you should place a dish of it in the room to eliminate the odor and refresh the space.


  1. Nontoxic alternative

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective cleaning products you have ever tried. First, you should mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water into a spray bottle, and then spray on all affected areas in the home in order to eliminate dirt, toxins, and bacteria. At the end, the smell will disappear as soon as the solution dries.


  1. Weed killer

Apple cider vinegar is also a potent weed killer and it is even more effective than glyphosate. You should just mix a cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of dish soap, and spray this mixture on the areas to remove weeds, but first you have to make sure you avoid your flowers.,Medicine
Apple cider vinegar has strong properties which can ease your everyday, help you treat several health issues and it has been also used for millennia. So after knowing this, instead being exposed to detrimental chemicals and toxins, you should spend a small treasure and invest in apple cider vinegar,...